How to re – solder copper pipe fittings – Repair copper pipe

Points to be cautious about:

  • Mapp gas burns a lot hotter, be careful while handling the Mapp gas torch.
  • Be choosy of your flux. For plumbing use a lead free flux.
  • Cleaning copper pipe: A two way cleaner comes handy and there are different sizes in cleaner brushes too.
  • Cutting copper pipe: while cutting a pipe if you get stuck, take a mini cutter and move it in the opposite direction.
  • While fitting a cutter, snug the cutter onto the pipe. Do not tighten it and form a dent. With each rotation snug the cutter a little more.
  • Do not solder the lower portion first and then move to the top portion, by doing so the heat from the top portion will travel to the closer bottom part and burn the already hot solder. When joints are closer move quickly and evenly on all of them.
  • Do not use your finger to apply flux as they would contaminate the pipes.
  • Have a fire extinguisher or water beside, especially when you are working in wall plumbing.
  • Use a wet rag to wipe the excess solder not a dry one.
  • Wear protective gloves while soldering copper pipe.
  • How to sweat copper pipe?, feed the solder to the opposite side of the flame. The solder will be attracted to the heat source.
  • Do not leave any excess flux. It will turn green and corrode your pipe.
  • Pre-soldered fittings are available at the store. Just apply some flux and attach it to the pipe and heat. The solder will melt and start spreading inside and around the joint.
  • There are fitting that can be just pushed onto the pipe without any soldering. They have teeth on the inner surface which clasps them tight to the pipe. They would require a lot of pressure to clasp them. Mark the depth of the fitting on the pipe to make sure you pushed it deep enough.

Soldering copper pipe – Repair:

-Any leakage in pipes can be fixed by de-soldering copper pipe. Soldered copper joints might wear off and can be fixed too.

-Soldered copper fittings can be removed by heating them again. The copper fittings can be reused by cleaning and sanding them and applying flux.

-Hold the fitting with a tool and heat the joint.

-When the solder melts and starts dripping, twist around the fitting and wrench it out of the tube.

-Use a rag and wipe the tube.

-Take a sand paper and rub them around the pipe.

Then solder the copper pipe or start soldering copper pipe. See other sweating pipes articles on how to solder properly.

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