How to solder copper pipes in Europe?

Sweating copper pipe

Soldering copper pipe has the same underlying procedure in europe, but has some changes in the copper pipe used.

Countries in US and Australia, there are four classifications of the copper tubing. Whereas in Europe there are only three, Type X, Type Y, Type Z.

  • Type X – They are used in domestic services like Hot and cold water supply, sanitation, heating and other general purposed applications.
  • Type Y- Type Y pipes are thicker when compared to the X, and used in under ground services. The services include gas supply, transportation of hot and cold water and engineering services of general types.
  • Type Z- Type Z is thinner than the others and are used as type X pipes are used but in a lesser rate, given the thickness of the pipe.

Soldering basics – the sweat connection: sweating copper pipe

  1. Please follow the safety suggestions on the main page of this website.
  2. Cleaning copper pipe inside: The tubes should be thoroughly clean on the inside as well as on the outside, isopropyl alcohol works best. Sand paper or a wire brush is used to remove burs and a cleaning brush to create the perfect bur free and shiny outer rim on the copper tube. A smooth area which will result in no-leak tube is obtained.
  3. Flux/soldering flux: Using a brush, apply the soldering flux on the area to be joint. Excess application is fine but under coating the flux will not solder the joint/fitting to the tubes.
  4. Torch: A flame torch that produces a sharp and blue-ish flame is chosen. The flame shouldn’t concentrate the heat to a point but heats up the entire ring as well. 1-2 inches of flame height is the standard flame size.
  5. How to solder copper fittings: Sweating copper pipe. Fit the plumbing joints: Screw them down 1/4 turn so that the flux spreads itself on the inside of the joints. Heat up the area and try moving the flame torch in order to spread the heat evenly across the tube and helps the flux stick to the inner surface as well.
  6. Sweating copper pipe: Place the tip of the solder wire onto the plumbing joint, if it melts and starts to run along the joint in a capillary motion you have attained the correct temperature. Continue soldering the copper tubes till the solder is all around the plumbing joint.
  7. Rag: Wipe of the excess solder while the tube is still warm (warm not hot) using a clean damp rag.

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