How to solder properly – a copper roof!

Copper roofing – Copper roofing is a technique where the roof of the building is designed with copper. It is used in terms of long term roofing. Copper is durable and strong and would make a more attractive roof to the normal roofing. Beautiful!!!

Soldering basics procedure: soldering copper. How to solder.

  1. Measure out the roof and segment them into tiles. The size of the tile is preferable to be in squares as they make it easier to fit in.
  2. Copper sheets are sliced into pieces to the measured length and breadth. An extra 1 1/2 inch is taken up on all the sides for the interlocking and soldering.
  3. Mark off the extra inches to be folded. Two adjacent sides are folded outwards and the other two folded inwards. The outwards would clog to the roof floor or previously soldered copper sheets.
  4. Solder copper along the marked line to make a firm connection when fitting the copper sheets to the roof.
  5. Fold the copper sheets along the marked line with the help of sheet metal brakes.
  6. Other copper pieces about 2 and 3 inches on their sides are required to nail the sheets onto the roof. Bend the sides of these sheets as well with the same technique.
  7. Soldering copper: Apply flux over the ends to be soldered. Use a brush to evenly spread the solder. Soldering copper like these would require a lot of heat and quick fluid motions. How to solder properly? Heavy duty solder irons and big solder bars are often used.
  8. Fix the first sheet with the outward bent edge locking the roof edges. Attach them by locking the outwards of the tiny sheets, two on each side, to the inward fold of the large sheets. Nail down the other end of the tiny sheets to the roof.
  9. Solder the inward fold of the tiny sheet covering the nail part.
  10. Continue the locking of sheets and soldering of tiny sheets. Hammer down the joints using a dead blow hammer to make the joint tight and secure.
  11. Start soldering the large sheets fold after locking them with the second sheet.
  12. Heat the fold and wait until the copper glow. Start soldering the copper folds once they begin to glow and move the torch over the solder to ensure they run down and join the sheets. The heat should not only melt the solder applied on top, but also the already soldered copper edges, strengthening the join.
  13. Pre-tinning helps the solder fully sweat into the joint.

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