How to sweat copper pipes with water in it?

Is it possible to sweat copper pipes that are filled with water? Copper pipes filled with water can be soldered only after completely removing the moisture from the pipes. Soldering copper pipes is very difficult in the presence of water. The solder can be applied only on a dry surface. After heating, the solder should be allowed to cool down and get hardened. This process will not go smooth on wet pipes. Prior to sweating copper pipes it is very important to get rid of traces of moisture from the tubes.

The equipment that is required for soldering copper pipes filled with water include gloves, sandpaper, brush, rags, joints, deburring tools, goggles, flux, lead-free solder and torch gun and Plumber’s bread or Jet Sweat.

How to solder copper pipe with water? Make the copper pipes dry.

As the first step, flow of water into the pipes should be arrested. Ensure that water does not enter the tube from any source. As the next step traces of moisture are to be removed completely from the tubes. Plumber’s bread is commonly used to remove moisture from the pipe. The Plumber’s bread is made of corn starch and will absorb the moisture from the copper pipes. Instead of Plumber’s bread, jet Sweat can also be used to remove the moisture from the pipe. Jet Sweat will ensure complete removal of moisture.

Sweating pipes

Once the pipes are 100% dry, the process of soldering copper pipes can be started.

How to polish copper pipe? The edges of the pipe are to be made smooth by rubbing with sand paper or emory cloth. The edges should appear polished and shiny.

A thin coat of flux must be applied around the pipe using a brush. Flux is to be applied inside the fittings also. Ensure to make only thin layer of the flux since too much quantity of flux may facilitate quick oxidization. Wear thick hand gloves and abstain from touching the flux with bare hands. Since flux contains various toxic chemicals it is hazardous to human skin as well as eyes.

After applying the flux, the fittings are to be assembled. Ensure that the fittings are connected properly to the copper pipe and move smoothly.

How to solder pipe: Start heating the copper fitting using propane torch. Always start with low flame and then increase the flame gradually. Evenly apply the flame to the joints. One requires a little practice to use the propane torch to heat the pipe.

When the solder starts to melt keep the tip of the solder on top of the joint so that it starts to melt. The entire surface wrapped by the flux will help the  molten solder flow seamlessly. Slowly wipe off the leftover solder with a wet rag and be very careful while wiping the joints since they will be very hot and fingers may get burnt.

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