The Lost Secret of How to Clean Copper Pipes Inside

Got green pipes or fittings? Try this evil genius way : how to clean copper pipes inside from copper pipe corrosion.
Green Copper Corrosion

First safety: wear rubber gloves and a full clear facemask(bigger than eyewear protection).

The easiest way to clean copper pipes is to with simple table salt (NaCl), vinegar,  and aluminum foil. Wrap what you want cleaned, Coil the aluminum inside or outside the green dirty copper fitting or copper pipe for its full length. Shape the aluminum so it doesn’t touch more copper than it has to.
Evil Genius stuff#1: The salt moves the oxidizers (SO2 or oxygen) that are chemically bonded to the copper(the green stuff is copper oxide) toward the Aluminum, just like the inside of a battery. In fact that’s how you make a battery.

Now you need an open container. Try a PVC pipe with one end capped. Take your copper and aluminum and put it inside the pipe along with the vinegar – salt solution.

This will yield some results but of course we want it bigger, better, and faster.

Evil Genius stuff#2: Turbo powered

Take two wires, cut one of the wires a couple inches shorter which may help you  to not short out wires together later. Strip the wire ends about ½”. Find a fuse holder, solder to the positive wire to the fuse holder, pop the fuse in and attach to a lantern battery. Put alligator clips on the ends of both wires.

Copper corrosion

Sweating copper pipe

Which wire is positive, and which side is negative? Use a multimeter, or….,   Connect the alligator clips to your battery and separate the ends and place them in your solution. The bubbling lead is your negative. The other big clue is the big plus sign on the battery.

Evil Genius stuff#3: electroplating

. Copper Corrosion

Be sure you have eye protection. Connect your copper  piece to the positive lead of your battery.  Connect the negative lead to your aluminum. The aluminum is being plated and should start to bubble. The solution may get warm. If things get hot, disconnect the battery: you have added too much salt and need to drain and restart.

Figure 2 How to clean copper pipes inside

The aluminum is now being electroplated with copper, there may be gunk forming on it, take the foil out once in a while and hose off to keep the process going…change out the foil once it gets all plated, holey or stops bubbling.

Once the green is gone, rinse off your copper like mad. You have now figured out how to kill the green gunk monster.

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