How to solder copper pipe upside down

Sweating Copper pipe

              Soldering  copper pipe is usually done easily if proper techniques are known. It can be done by you easily by following the simple steps. Soldering is the process which has two or more items and usually it contains metal. The two items are to be joined with the melting and also the filter metal in the joint. Soldering is quite different from welding as it does not involve the melting of the work pieces. There are 3 simple steps in how to sweat copper pipe. The first step is to take some time and start with the small flame and it should be large enough to reach most of the place of the copper.


Sweating copper pipe

              Once the pipe heats up, torch the end of the solder plumbing  joint at about  90 degrees, from the flame source. keep the solder away from the melting point of the flame. The large sized pipes will require you to move the solder along the joint face. You should be able to withdraw the flame and then feed the solder in the hot plumbing joint on smaller pipes.

Let it cool down

              You should not wipe the joint until it cools down. You can see it if you watch that the solder goes from the silvery color to the bright color. In such case you should allow it to cool down, clean it and then try again. The dulling gets off once the soldering starts setting down. If the fitting shows too much of rainbows or turn blue then it means that you have used too much heat. Home repair projects are becoming very popular in the current times. People love their home and take interest in it and also feel the enjoyment and satisfaction in maintaining the home. Sweating copper pipe is an easy task which needs a procedure to be followed properly.

              If  followed, soldering upside down is no different than other positions because if you solder properly the solder sucks into the joint and follows the heat.

How to solder pipe upside down

The main concern is safety. Do not ever place yourself under the work. As you solder, both the hot flux and the hot solder will drip down and burn, main, or lose eyesight….its not worth it! Figure out how to position yourself in a way other than under the work, even if this means you have to dig, remove floorboards ect. This explains to the question how to solder copper pipe upside down. See the main page for more safety and skill tips.

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